Civil Engineering

The pioneer engineering field is civil engineering. It deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the infrastructures and natural landscapes. Great achievements in human civilizations like pyramid in Egypt, hanging gardens of Babylon, leaning tower of Italy, King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem, Parthenon in Greece, Coliseum in Rome, roman roads, TajMahal in India, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, other mega-structures and many more are in existences due to civil engineers. Simple to high rise building, power plants (thermal, geo-thermal, wind, hydro & nuclear), roads, bridge, tunnel, railways etc. are the first responsibility of civil engineers.



The other sectors like surveying, flood control, traffic management, construction management, water supply and sanitation, environmental protection are not far apart from civil engineers. The world’s popular and supreme personalities like Leonardo di Vinci (an hidden engineer), Araniko (a nepaleseengineer), Yasser Arafat (former Palestinian President), Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iranian President), Süleyman Demirel (Ex-Prime Minister and President of Turkey), HúJintao (President of China), Boris Yeltsin (Ex-President of Russia) to well-despised Islamic extremist Osama Bin Laden and many more are civil engineers.

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