Complete your application form carefully, making sure that the information is accurate and that you have included all your qualifications. Explain clearly in your own words why you wish to take the course, your relevant experience and why you should be given a place.We take care to ensure the confidentiality of your application information. All details are held on the College computer system for use only for internal administrative purposes and the compilation of statistics.


1. Select your program of interest.
The most important step in the admissions process is selecting the program that is right for you. If you have not yet selected a graduate field of study


For most courses a decision will be made on the basis of your application form alone. with counsiling sessions with teachers with vast experience .


3.Notes for applicants
We will be pleased to answer any enquiries you may have concerning application, fees, enrolment or transfers from other institutions, although many of your questions are likely to be answered in the Prospectus, on our website


4. Assemble your supporting documents.
The specific documents you are required to submit will depend upon the program to which you are applying. For instance, the number and type of recommendations, standardized test scores, guidelines for statements of purpose and supplemental materials.

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