ECAN Fair 2016

During four days fair snc interaction with sstudent from different qualification even IT and other business  students showed interest for these qualification to get a world renowned specialization in course like cisco and network security .

The students were made aware about Edexcel being  recognised and acknowledged by over 175 of the top universities across the world including the University of Cambridge, University of California, Berkeley, University of Melbourne, McGill University, University of Hong Kong and the Russell Group of Universities.

The benefits of BTEC in employment sector in the feild of information technlogy how studying with us direct give a sharper edge in jobs .

Students remain privy to an array of leading universities to choose to pursue their higher education with more institutions accepting the qualification daily. Further, the availability of IAL on 'UCAS apply' ensures that students have the flexibility to apply the same way as GCE students to the universities of their choice.

Edexcel over the years has made many reforms to standardize examinations warranting that all examination boards update their curriculum every five years. Keeping in line with the changing curriculum and the change due this year, students will be able to benefit from modular unit tests being offered in all subjects.


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